Personal tax accountants for individuals in Milton Keynes. We’ll keep your personal finances on track, we have a knack for that. 
Brilliant Accountants make tax return time stress free. 
Do you need to file a personal tax return (SA100) at HMRC? 
Some clients manage to submit the relevant financial information themselves. If you don’t want to take the risk of receiving HMRC penalties for non-compliance or supplying inaccurate information we can assist. We’ll make the whole process stress free and straightforward. One of our experienced accountants will handle it all for you. We understand the language and terms used by HMRC. 
Our fees for a personal tax return completion and submission start at £200.00, which includes a review of your overall position and tax advice. 

Do you need to claim a tax refund from HMRC? 

If you know that you have overpaid income tax (PAYE) or just want to check you have paid the correct amount, Brilliant Accountants can deal with HMRC on your behalf. We’ll establish your position and make your claim for a refund – it’s our most popular service for individual tax payers. Please give us a call or complete the contact us form and we will get in touch. 

Who needs to complete a tax return? 

You might think your tax affairs are uncomplicated. However, there are quite a few reasons why HMRC might want you to submit a yearly personal tax return (SA100). 
received PAYE benefits in kind received (BIK) e.g. medical insurance cover 
held a position as a company Director 
received untaxed income such as Share Dividends or Crypto gains 
received rental property income 
claimed Child Benefit and received income above £50,000 
sold a property and are not using the funds to buy another property (Capital Gains) 
want to claim a tax refund from HMRC 

Tax Return Deadlines 

A personal tax return (SA100) needs to be submitted online* at the latest by 31 January after the tax year end. So, for example, the tax return for 6 April 2023 to 5 April 2024 is due by 31 January 2025. 
*There are a few exceptions where, if you are unable to submit a tax return online, you can complete a paper form and post it to HMRC. 
In addition to the 31 January submission deadline, you also have to pay the relevant taxes by 31 January. 
Deadlines can creep up on you before you know it. If you miss these deadlines HMRC penalties are now a lot more than in years gone by. They can cost you hundreds of pounds in fines unless you have a reasonable excuse (usually very difficult to prove). 

Get things right and don’t lose out 

Invest in Brilliant Accountants to handle your personal tax affairs. This will, more often than not, make sure you claim all relevant expenses and don’t end up overpaying tax. 

Free Consultation 

We are more than happy to answer any specific questions you might have. Please give us a call or complete the contact us form and we will get in touch. There’s no obligation on your part, this will just be an initial informal meeting or chat. We’ll see if we can help you with any accounting issues. We can check if there’s anything that may be looming that requires some tax advice and planning. 

Get in touch 

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