When you want to regain control of your accounts we’ll help you get straight again. 
Frequently we are presented with situations where, for whatever reasons, people are experiencing difficulties with their tax or accounting affairs. 
No matter how difficult a position you’re in, we can help get things straight. 
We don’t pass judgement on how you arrived at the position you are in. It’s really just a case of excepting we are where we are and getting on with putting things right. 

Common issues that we help clients address 

arrears at HMRC – we negotiate on your behalf realistic, manageable repayment plans with HMRC or debt collection companies 
appeal HMRC penalties, interest and other charges 
assist in filing overdue personal tax returns or company accounts 
assist in filing overdue VAT returns 
assistance with HMRC compliance checks or full tax investigations 
bringing your bookkeeping up to date. 
Don’t be embarrassed about the condition of your current records. Even if your receipts are stuffed in a shoe box or carrier bag, don’t worry, we’ve seen it all! 

Have any questions? Get in touch 

Rock solid accounting support for your business 
Contact us today for all things accountancy & tax in Milton Keynes. 
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